• We will distribute your music to 80+ digital music stores and streaming platforms all over the world through one of the most reliable digital distributors.  Make sure that as you are touring or have your music playing on the radio your fans can access your music ASAP through innovative apps like Shazam. This is just one of many perks and tools you get through our Digital Distribution service. 


  • distribution managmentAs an artist or a small independent label you have to utilize your resources as best as possible and really have to think about what you are best at and what could be outsourced to someone else for small fee.  This way, the more things you eliminate from your busy schedule that you don't have a lot of experience in the more of your time and positive energy can be focused on creating your music and perfecting your talents. We use one of the most reliable digital distribution platforms to distribute your music and we stay on top of making sure that as soon as new digital stores come into existence your music gets placed there ASAP.  Additionally we make sure you receive all of the reports and analytics as soon as they are available and also that you get paid as soon as funds are available for withdraw. Let us worry about your busy and annoying work and you focus on your craft.

    • Contact us first to find out about pricing and if you are eligible for digital distribution

    • You share/email us you mastered music file or files and all the credits info associated with your project

    • You share/email us a correctly sized digital cover for your album or single

    • We set up your music to be distributed on as many digital stores as possible

    • We manage and maintain your account and send you payments and analytics about your project

Digital Distribution

Email your song and and single/album cover to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to initiate your digital distribution or call 443-718-0003 for more info.