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J.O.N's bio

J.O.N's story of music started very early. Spending some of his younger years in Brooklyn, NY, with his grandparents, he attended church every Sunday. This is where his love for music originated. Too young to sing in the choir, J.O.N wasn't stopped from learning every song and performing at every opportunity. As he got older he began to explore song writing and was determined to be the best.

January 2010, J.O.N was involved in a near fatal car accident where he suffered

a traumatic brain injury and shattered his jaw. J.O.N was comatose for weeks and remained in the hospital for another 2 months upon waking up, during which he could not speak or walk without crutches. The following months of bed rest and inability to speak gave J.O.N time to discover that music is his passion and that he was going to live his dreams; singing and performing again were in J.O.N's future.

After an intense speech therapy regiment, he was slowly recovering, but wasn't able to sing. The frustration of seeing others recover while he still suffered drove J.O.N. After a year and a half of hard work, determination, and prayer his vocal cords began to recover. Not only was he able to sing again but he was on his way to being better than before. A living testimony to God's grace and a family's support.

The possibilities are endless.