Mixing & Mastering

Check out the differences between mixed and unmixed songs to get an idea what we are talking about.  If you want your project to be a success you must have experienced engineers mix and master your music.  Here at OpenSourceEntertainment we can deliver that quality. Equipment and software matter as well, and because we can sum your mixes through analog equipment and use renouned outbard compressors and the best plugins in the industry your final product acheives that "industry sparkle" that seperates billboard hits from average music. Check out some of the equipment below. Contact us at 443-718-0003 to find out details about pricing and our different engineers that can cater to your project.

NOT Mixed or Mastered:

Mixed and Mastered:


  • 24 Channels of analog summing for your mixes!

    What is analog summing? Basically we have a the analog circuitry of a analog console in 2 rack spaces through the industry famous Dangerous boxes. The Dbox and the 2BusLT from Dangerous deliver 24 channels in Pro Tools HD and run all of the sound through analog circuitry as opposed to being summed just digitally within the software.  The dangerous boxes being combined through the 24 A/D converters of the 16 channel Avid i/o HD and the 8 channel Avid Omni HD opens up whatever you put through it and automatically gives it that 3D wider sound with the industry sparkle, many times being compared to the Super Analouge sound of the SSL consoles.  You just have to hear the difference for your self.

  • Giving your mixes a little touch with legendary outboard gear still matters and will take your mix to the next level!

    At our studio we are not going overboard with having a ton of outboard gear because we understand that software has reached capabilities to replicate the sound of hardware to a level that just wasn't there 5 years ago.  So of course we are all about efficiency, a good price, and the best quality which means if we were going to invest into hardware it was only going to be the best and what we feel hasn't been matched with software just yet.  We are talking the UA 6176 which has the legendary 1176 compressor, the UA 710 pre, the legendary Avalon 737sp special edition pre, the EL Distressor and if we are going to get one of the best compressors and tape saturation devices out there we are going go step up and get the UBK mod version of the famous Fatso from Empirical Labs!

  • At OSE Studios we use software and plugins that meet the highest standards in the industry.

    We are talking Pro Tools 10 HD with 24 analog A/D converters, and we have Logic Pro 9 & 10, FL Studio 11, and Reason 7 if you need to utilize other DAWs.  When it comes to plugins we only have the best.  UAD2 bundle, truly the best hardware emulation in the industry, of course the whole Mercury Waves bundle, many of the best Izotope plugins, Komplete 8 Ultimate, Pro Tools HD extended instrument bundle and much more.  Software is something that is constantly new at our studio and we don't plan to stop with that strategy.